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The template (hereinafter referred to as the program) works by automating actions, making them as comfortable and efficient as possible. The benefit you will get from using the program depends only on you.

The Developer does not guarantee You a profit when using the program due to the individual approach of each user to using the program. When purchasing a program, You and only You need to count on the benefits of its purchase. Before buying, You must be confident in your abilities.

The program has a lot of settings and functions,and if you are not ready to understand them, then think about the purpose of the purchase.

Before purchasing, you must specify everything about the program, all the points (availability of functions, setting up functions, the need for the desired function or settings...) that you are interested in.

When purchasing the program, You should understand that this program may become inoperable due to any actions of the administration that the program works with, such as closing the API, changing the design, functionality...

The main official technical support channel is the support forum. Technical support for projects is provided only on the forum (this means that all questions are asked only on the forum, where you will get answers to your questions.) If you have any questions, You can ask them on the forum in the profile topics.

The project administration makes every effort to respond to incoming requests as quickly as possible. The normal response time varies from 1 minute to 48 hours and directly depends on the content of the request.

For requests that require additional tests and accurate reproduction of conditions, the response time may increase, up to several days.

If you encounter problems with the program, they will be fixed soon. The developer guarantees that problems will be resolved quickly after they are identified and full information is provided from You in accordance with the error requirements. Personal support is available on a commercial basis.

You should also keep in mind that There is a possibility that some functions may not work due to the individual computer, proxy, or Internet connection ... each client. Therefore, to eliminate the causes caused by these individuals, You will need to take a direct part in solving the problems, namely, to provide the data requested by the author. To resolve the issue, the technical support employee has the right to request additional data, including screenshots, videos, and access via Anydesk.

On the forum, it is forbidden to use familiar/offensive/obscene language to The administration and other users, regardless of the situation.

It is forbidden to advertise or mention third-party services directly or indirectly on the forum without prior approval of the project administration.

It is forbidden to send spam messages to other users on the forum. It is also forbidden to create duplicate topics and messages to technical support, in order to avoid difficulties in the work of specialists.

In case of violations of the rules of behavior described above on the support forum, The administration reserves the right to restrict the user's access to communication channels, as well as, in extreme cases, to block the license.

The administration is not responsible for problems related to Your accounts - freezing, blocking, deleting, etc.

The administration is not responsible for Problems related to your proxy. A stable connection is required for the program to work.

Please note that the operation, as well as the feature of ZennoPoster and Memu, consumes the computer's RAM and CPU. For more or less comfortable operation, you must have at least 16 GB of RAM. Memu requires an SSD disk and hardware virtualization technology(a video card)

When purchasing the program, You must have minimal knowledge of the Zennoposter program, be able to install it, and be able to manage it. The developer is not obligated to Install Zennoposter and explain its management. Use the manual.

After the purchase, the author is not required to configure all the function settings for your work.

The program can not be used for actions contrary to the law. The responsibility for such activities lies entirely with the user.

The program can not be used for actions that contradict the rules of the services/sites/applications that it works with. The responsibility for such activities lies entirely with the user.

The purchased software is a non-refundable product. No refund, exchange or resale of the purchased program is provided.

The program is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis without any additional warranties. The program is sold as is, i.e. it performs the functions and has the logic that were laid down by the author.

If you did not use the program for any reason, there is no compensation for non-use/downtime.

The program is not a "Loot" button, i.e. you will not be able to press 1 button and go on vacation.

The author does not guarantee that the result of using the program will fully meet the User's expectations, that the program will work continuously and there are no errors in it, that the program will fully meet the needs (requirements) User;

The program is purchased at your own risk. The administration is not responsible for non-compliance of the Program with the User's subjective expectations.

The Author has the right not to return funds in case of zeroing the user's license for violation of the rules for using the program (in particular, hacking attempts).

The exclusive rights to the program, as well as its sale, belong To the administration. The user is granted a license that grants a temporary non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the software.

It is forbidden to perform actions aimed at hacking the program, in particular, decompilation and disassembly. In particular it is prohibited to transfer the software to third parties for the performance of such operations. In case of violation of this clause, the administration has the right to block the license without notifying the user and refund the funds.

You Can pay for the program using WebMoney, Yandex

The administration has the right to change the rates and content of the user agreement unilaterally without prior notice.



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